Radio531 PI Flower About Us

Radio531 PI Flowers

Representing the Community Since 1993
The Freshest Sounds From All Over the Pacific

PMN 531 has served our Pacific communities since 1993 with a blend of news, views, information and talk back - all combined with a music mix you'll hear nowhere else.

Tune in to our nation wide frequencies:

Auckland 531 AM

Whangarei 103.9 FM

Hamilton 103.4 FM

Rotorua 103.9 FM

Taupo 104.0 FM

Hawkes Bay 103.9 FM

Taranaki 103.6 FM

Manawatu 103.4 FM

Wellington 103.7/104.1 FM

Christchurch 104.1 FM

Dunedin 103.8 FM

Invercargill 103.9 FM

PMN 531 bringing Pacific peoples together since 1993. It's your station!