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Black Sox playing for no pay

20 June 2017

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New Zealand's Black Sox will be playing in Canada without pay, in this year's Men's World Softball Championship.

The team will compete in 16 different games before the Championship, which has been funded by Softball New Zealand.

However, Chief Executive of Softball New Zealand Tony Giles says they only had enough money to fund the tournament and not the players.

"These guys have taken four to five weeks off work," he says. "Most of it is unpaid leave."

"It's very challenging. While we have a funded campaign, the players themselves don't get a penny." 

Giles says their biggest problem is the lack of media coverage. 

"We're in the middle of the Lions Tour and the America's Cup," he says. "Hopefully New Zealand can turn their attention to a sport that is right up there." 

The Black Sox, led by Captain Nathan Nukunuku, flew to Canada on the weekend.

Giles says the Pacific influence in the Black Sox will play a huge part in this year's championship campaign.

"The Enoka boys who are world-class athletes are a very strong feel to the Maori and Pacific community," he says.

The championship will begin on July 7 till July 16.

Black Sox Captain: Nathan Nukunuku. Photo/ Softball New Zealand.

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