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Brisbane talks to decide hosting of 2019 Pacific Games

26 May 2017

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A meeting to discuss the 2019 Pacific Games will be held today in Brisbane.

Members from the executive board of the games council and the Tongan Association of Sport and National Olympic Committee will be talking about Tonga’s withdrawal from hosting the 2019 Pacific Games.

The council says they are still unclear on Tonga's decision, after they received a letter from Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva stating Tonga’s major obstacle was insufficient funds.

Pacific Games Council Chief Executive, Andrew Minogue, says the Brisbane meeting will decide the fate of where the games will be held. 

"All options are on the table at this stage," he says. "We're keen to observe any developments happening in Tonga and elsewhere in the region." 

Minogue says they were left in the dark during Tonga's decision-making process. 

"The letter we got from the Prime Minister was only one page," he says.

"It's very difficult to have a full appreciation for the government's financial concerns without being consulted."

Minogue says he hopes more light will be shed on the issue during their meeting. 

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