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Brown Buttabean bootcamp draws big crowd in Niue

24 January 2018

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By Ruci Farrell -

Niueans packed out the first Buttabean bootcamp in Niue as the Brown Buttabean Motivation movement spreads across the Pacific.

Dave Letele, also known as the Brown Buttabean, took the opportunity to introduce a new mobile phone app to Niue that's designed to inspire self-discipline, motivation for weight loss and encourages movement.

BBM programme in Niue. Photo/ Facebook.

Former Aucklander Corinna Leo Folekene Stevens who runs Crossfit Niue was impressed with the response from the locals.

She says obesity does not appear to be a problem in Niue but there is a need to encourage people to exercise more and be mindful of their diet.

Stevens says she sees a lot more people walking now than they did when she lived in Niue 20 years ago.

The Niuean fitness instructor anticipates more people will pick up the Buttabean vibe to exercise and eat healthy.

"People showed up that I don't see normally training. I guess it's a first step for them to walk that journey? It was fun, everyone enjoyed it and you just go at your own pace and that's what it's all about."

Dave Letele with Niuean local Hine Welsh. Photo/ Facebook.

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