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Campaign in Tonga encouraging kids to eat fruit and veges

05 September 2017

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A healthy living campaign in Tonga is touring Auckland schools this week to promote and encourage Pacific children to eat fruits and vegetables.

Two 8-year-old local Tongans, Charlize Vete and Christopher Latu, are the face of the Mai e Nima campaign which started in 2012.

Mai e Nima is currently working with 10 schools in Tongatapu to help reduce obesity-related health issues. 

National Co-ordinator Kiko Penitani says healthy eating habits should begin from a very young age.

"If we educate them about why we need to eat vegetables and why we need to eat fruits from primary, they can take that knowledge to college and for life as well."

Charlize Vete, Christopher Latu and Kiko Penitani. Photo/ PRN. 

Penitani says as well as educating children about healthy eating, they're also helping schools to start their own vegetable garden to eat from.

Mai e Nima will be visiting early childhood centres, primary schools and secondary schools this week, to share their message and help promote their mother tongue as part of Tongan Language Week.

Students in Tonga planting vegetable gardens as part of the Mai e Nima campaign. Photo/ Facebook. 

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