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Commonwealth Parliamentary meet opens in Cook Islands

24 October 2018

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By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

The Cook Islands speaker of parliament Niki Rattle says both new and veteran members of parliament will have lots to gain from a regional parliamentarians meet which kicked off in Rarotonga this week.

Review of standing orders is on the cards: Cook Islands Speaker of Parliament Niki Rattle at the opening of this year's CPA Pacific meeting on the UN Sustainable Development Goalds. Photo/ Radio Cook Islands.

MPs on Rarotonga will be welcoming their peers from across the region, including Australia and New Zealand, to talk over the role of elected leaders in progressing global goals for sustainable development. 

It's the third time the Cooks has hosted the annual sessions, co-funded by the Commonwealth Parliamentarians Association and the United Nations.

Rattle says the country has seen progress with Parliament in 2018 opening its doors to more women, a review of its standing orders, and the media.

"We're finding out better ways of doing things so when the bills come to parliament, the members are able to have some good discussions because they've been better informed on the bills."

"We're improving in learning how we can do things better and getting the confidence to do that."

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