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Community responding to Dargaville homelessness

20 July 2017

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Officials and community leaders in Dargaville met yesterday to discuss solutions to the first reports of homelessness in the Northland town.

Methodist minister Reverend Kuli Fisi'iahi says he knows of six Tongan families who have been evicted from rental homes in Dargaville, as owners look to cash in on high house prices.

However after yesterday's meeting, Rev. Fisi'iahi says there was a positive outcome for one of the families.

"One landlord called us and told us their house is on the market but they want a family in there to rent," he says.

Rev. Fisi'iahi says the community responded to the issue less than 12 hours after their meeting.

"Most of the families will be put in a house by tomorrow."

He says the price of housing in Auckland is a factor in his town's case of homelessness. 

Reverend Kuli Fisi'iahi. Photo/ Methodist North NZ. 

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