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Cooks women push past men in top jobs

02 October 2018

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By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

Cook Islands women are celebrating a milestone moment in the history of their public service. 

Three more women have joined the ranks of heads of ministries in the Cook Islands breaking past the half way mark for numbers of women providing high level advice to ministers.

Temarama (Marama) Aunguna, new head of ministry for Agriculture in the Cook Islands. Photo/ PMN.

Public Service Commissioner Russell Thomas has confirmed the appointment of Diane Charlie-Puna as the new Secretary for Infrastructure, Pamela Maru as Secretary for Marine Resources and Temarama Aunguna as the new secretary for Agriculture. 

Three other women were named earlier this year heading Health, Education and Internal Affairs, in addition to heading Foreign Affairs and Immigration. 

The numbers make 2018 a historical year for women, who now outnumber men in these high-profile leadership roles.  

Of the 11 ministries, the four led by men are the Culture, Transport, Finance and Justice roles.

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