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David Tua champions Christmas project for South Auckland kids

09 November 2017

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A charity project in South Auckland is hoping to raise 10,000 Christmas presents for children in Ōtara.

Former heavyweight boxer To’aletai David Tua and his wife Helen Tua are on board with the Christmas Present Drop initiative.

Mr. Tua says he's honoured to be championing the cause. 

"A lot of our kids will go without a present so this is an amazing intiative for me to be a part of," he says. "If it means that I use my celebrity status to help and get people involved, I'll do it."

The Christmas Present Drop project. Photo/ Supplied.

The project is under the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation and is led by local community leaders in South Auckland. Mrs. Tua says it's a collective effort.

"It's a wonderful thing because it's brought these organisations together."

The presents will be distributed next month to primary schools and early childhood centres for children aged 0 to 13.

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