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David Tua: Pacific men don't always have to be tough

26 June 2017

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Samoan-Kiwi boxing legend David Tua says Pacific men don't always have to be tough. 

The Tuaminator will be presenting a workshop at this week's special fono, the Gathering of the 3000, to discuss the issues faced by Pacific men.

He says Pacific men face a lot of pressure to be strong and tough, but shouldn't be afraid of showing their emotions. 

The 44-year-old's message to Pacific men is: "You are an overcomer, you're gentle, you're kind and you're amazing. You just need to look up to it and do what you believe and what you were born to be."

Tua will present a workshop called 'Getting Yourself Up After Getting Knocked Out'.

He says the fono will discuss issues around domestic violence, poverty and mental health. 

Other key members of the Pacific community will attend the event including Minister for Pacific Peoples Alfred Ngaro.

The Gathering of the 3000 kicks off on Friday at Porirua's Te Rauparaha Arena.  

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