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Evaluation still underway into synthetic drug industry

10 August 2017

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Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne believes the size of the synthetic drug industry has been underestimated.

"All of the police advice that I've seen has been to say that this is not a major problem and that it's a small and limited outburst," he says. "We still don't know if this was a large and very isolated incident or the start of a new trend."

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Dunne, MP for Ohariu, says re-evaluation is underway of the extent of the illegal synthetic drug industry.

"Because it's illegal underground, we don't know it's scope," he says. "The evidence to date has been of limited impact but we could be getting into a very wealthy industry."

Ten people died in Auckland last month, relating to the use of synthetic cannabis.

There has been no update from the Auckland Coroner or Police for two weeks, on what killed 10 synthetic drug users last month or who made and sold the deadly substance. 

Since synthetic drugs were made illegal three years ago, there have been no convictions, arrests or police investigations into the manufacture of synthetic drugs.

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