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Fatamanu Aoga Niue opens in Ōtara

20 November 2017

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By Ruci Farrell -

Fatamanu Aoga Niue Early Learning Centre. Photo/ Niue Ogo Motu. 

Niueans in Ōtara finally have an early childhood centre they can call their own.

Fatamanu Aoga Niue Early Learning Centre launched last Friday with the blessings of community elders who conceived the idea two decades ago. 

Spokesperson Soriah Matautia says the vision of their elders has finally come to life. 

"It was founded 21 years ago and started as a weaving group at the Labour House in Ōtara," she says. 

"They were grandmothers babysitting their grandchildren. Our founder had this vision that we could teach these children the way of Niue culture and Niue tradition while they're watching this weaving."

The Fatamanu Aoga Niue Early Learning Centre was founded by Eino Poimatagi.

The opening of Fatamanu Aoga Niue Early Childhood Centre. Photo/ Niue Ogo Motu.

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