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Feeling down? Move to Tokelau

23 May 2017

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Tokelau's new census reveals Tokelauans have much greater life satisfaction than New Zealanders. 

For the first time, officials asked questions about the quality of life of the 1500 people surveyed on the island's three atolls.

The long-serving leader of Auckland's Tokelau community, Matini Siaosi, says the island's unofficial motto should be "don't worry, be happy". 

"It's paradise. There's no sweat there," he says.

Half of the surveyed Tokelauans rate their life satisfaction at 10 out of 10.

The ratings are much higher than New Zealand, where only 17 per cent of the population rated their quality of life 10 out of 10.

Siaosi says the place is unique because there's a very strong sense of community. 

"It's paradise over there. There's no such place like it." 

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