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Fiji business develops new kava drink

27 March 2018

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By Lisa Lahari-Williams -

A Fijian kava company is developing a new type of kava drink without the root's distinctive woody taste.

Photo/ Surf Simply- Mat Arney.

Praveen Narayan is the managing director of Fiji's Green Gold Kava group, currently in Auckland for a Pacific Trade and Invest initiative linking Pacific businesses to New Zealand consumers.

He says the appeal of kava as a natural path to relaxation ensures the fruit mix will open up new markets.

He says new research reveals a growing perception of kava as the drink of choice for social gatherings.

"Kava is one thing that relaxes you, it's non-violent and it's a traditional drink," says Narayan. 

"We're all Pacific people, we know our kava. It's all about keeping peace and quiet in your neighbourhood."

Fiji's Green Gold Kava group is finalising which manufacturing company in Fiji will push out kava fruit drinks to the world.

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