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Game on for Tokelau's kilikiti rivals

12 October 2017

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By Ruci Farrell -

Hundreds of Tokelauans will descend on the cricket pitch in Nukunonu today to cheer on their teams as Fakaofo take on Atafu for supremacy in their version of cricket.

The week long celebration not only revives an age old sports rivalry but provides a platform for community leaders to discuss national matters.

Pita Perez says there's a happy jovial buzz among all the teams with kilikiti, touch and rugby in the days to come.

"Fakaofo was practising on the rugby field and they were singing, then Atafu came on to rehearse their cricket and were singing as well," says Perez. "It's huge because the last time we had this was in 2013, so everyone's excited."

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