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Gender programme in Solomons creates 'wow' moment for male frontline

23 October 2018

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By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

Women are smashing through the glass barriers at the Solomon Islands Ports Authority and it's creating a "wow" moment for their male colleagues.

Speaking on the progress of a new Waka Mere gender diversity initiative aimed at widening job opportunities for women, commercial manager Glyn Joshua says the women are now working alongside men in the busy harbour and ports environment.

He says bringing flexibility into the working culture is growing a rethink of social norms around what women can do.

"When you have women becoming accountants, HR managers... you start to find that there's a shift in the mentality of people."

"The traditional bread-winner type of mentality is changing and men are saying, 'What? Is she going to overtake me?', those sort of stigmas still lie in society."

The Solomon Islands' Waka Mere Commitment to Action programme is advancing gender equality in businesses. Photo/ SICCI.

The Waka Mere initiative covers 15 pioneering businesses in the Solomon Islands and is a partnership between the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group with the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce funded by New Zealand and Australia.

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