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Healthcare crisis could worsen for refugees in PNG

30 April 2018

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Human rights advocates Amnesty International says the healthcare crisis for refugees and asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea is extremely dire.

Photograph taken by Adbul, a refugee on Manus Island.

The Australian Government is expected to end its contract today with International Health and Medical Services who provides basic primary healthcare to refugees and asylum seekers.

Amnesty International's Tim O'Connor says the healthcare is already very poor and this will make even worse conditions for refugees and asylum seekers.

"We've seen 6 deaths, there's been soaring rates of mental illness, we've seen escalating self-harm... These are the situations that the people, that Australia's sent to Papua New Guinea and that remain in Australia's care, are facing every single day and it's really not good enough."

Listen to the full interview on Pacific Breakfast:

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