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Housing high on Pacific wish list

17 May 2018

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By Ruci Farrell -

The Labour-led coalition government delivers its first Budget later today with major allocations expected for housing.

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Pacific people currently face the brunt of the housing crisis and listed as the largest ethnic group living in overcrowded conditions and has the lowest home-ownership rates.

Four in 10 Pacific people out of a total of 398,295 Kiwis live in crowded homes, according to Statistics New Zealand.

Social analyst Tupetoa Ronji Tanielu says high rentals and associated housing costs in Auckland is forcing vulnerable families to live in overcrowded situations.

He says Pacific people don't have many options to choose from.

"Families can't afford private rental, they can't afford to purchase their own home. You either go on the street or you live in an overcrowded house or garage," he says.

"I really don't believe that's the kind of New Zealand that we want for any of our people, whether they're Pacific or not."

Meanwhile, Pacific social housing provider Penina Health Trust is filling a major demand for emergency housing in South Auckland and moving vulnerable families to semi-permanent accommodation.

Penina has added units in Ōtāhuhu to its stock of transitional accommodation and is finalising contracts before moving clients to long term stay homes.

CEO Roine Lealaiauloto says they're working well within the housing continuum moving families into semi-permanent accommodation.

"We're seeing a lot more movement, getting quite a few people in to long term social housing from the current social housing providers."

Budget 2018 will be announced today at 2pm.