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Ladi6 dominates Pacific Music Awards 2018

25 May 2018

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The Pacific community celebrated the 14th Pacific Music Awards last night at Auckland's Vodafone Events Centre.

Ladi6, Noah Slee and General Fiyah were some of the big winners of the event.

Check the list below for all the finalists and winners.

Vodafone Pacific Music Awards Winners


Virgin Australia Best Pacific Female Artist Award:

  • La Coco – Love & Other Things Part II
  • Ladi6 – Royal Blue 3000 EP
  • Razé – 4Seasons

NZ Music Commission Best Pacific Male Artist Award:

  • General Fiyah – ‘Here To Stay’
  • Kings – Chapter One
  • Noah Slee – Otherland

Pacific Media Network Best Pacific Urban Artist Award:

  • 9-5ers – Close To Home
  • Noah Slee – Otherland
  • SWIDT – Stoneyhunga

Berlin-based Noah Slee wins Best Pacific Urban Artist and Best Pacific Male Artist. Photo/ PMN.

Pacific Media Network Best Pacific Group Award:

  • Sol3 Mio – A Very Merry Christmas
  • Three Houses Down – ‘Smile’
  • Tomorrow People – ‘Lock Me Up’

NZ On Air Best Pacific Music Video Award:

  • Samson Rambo – ‘Here To Stay’ (General Fiyah)
  • Noah Slee & Si Jay Gould – ‘Radar’ (Noah Slee)
  • Olivia Foa’i – ‘Lakalaka’ (Te Vaka)

Samson Rambo wins Best Pacific Music Video for General Fiyah's "Here to Stay" Song. Award. Photo/ PMN.

APRA Best Pacific Song Award:

  • General Fiyah – ‘Here To Stay’ (Written by : Charlie Pome'e & Nicholas Pome'e)
  • Tomorrow People – ‘Sa’ili Le Alofa’ (Written by Kenape Saupese, Naomi Alatipi, Honiara Salanoa, Helen Tupai, Avina Kelekolio, Daniel Sugrue, Tana Tupai)
  • Te Vaka – ‘Lakalaka’ (Written by Opetaia Foa'i/Matatia Foa'i)

SunPix Best Pacific Language Award:

  • EFKS Te Atatu Junior Youth – Fa'afetai Le Atua
  • Te Vaka – ‘Lakalaka’
  • Tomorrow People – ‘Sa’ili Le Alofa’

Tomorrow People picks up two awards: Best Pacific Language and Best Pacific Group. Photo/ PMN.

Auckland Council Best Pacific Gospel Artist Award:

  • TJ Taotua – 'Special Place'
  • EFKS Te Atatu Junior Youth – Fa'afetai Le Atua
  • Niue Youth Network – NYN Niue Gospel Album

Members of EFKS Te Atatu Junior Youth. Photo/ PMN.

Flava Best International Pacific Artist Award:

  • Junior Maile – 'When I'm Gone'/'Golden Touch'
  • Tenelle – For the Lovers
  • Sam Kiles – ‘Delay’

Recorded Music NZ Best Pacific Music Album Award:

  • EFKS Te Atatu Junior Youth – Fa'afetai Le Atua
  • Ladi6 – Royal Blue 3000 EP
  • Noah Slee – Otherland
  • Sol3 Mio – A Very Merry Christmas
  • SWIDT – Stoneyhunga

SIT/MAINZ Best Producer Award:

  • Anonymouz – The Undisciplined Son EP (Tha Movement)
  • Kings – Chapter One (Kings)
  • Parks, Brandan Haru & Julien Dyne – Royal Blue 3000 EP (Ladi 6)

General Fiyah and his uncle Sione Pome'e (Three Houses Down). Photo/ PMN.

NZ On Air Radio Airplay Award:

  • Brooke Fraser - Therapy

NZ On Air Streaming Award:

  • Kings - Don't Worry 'Bout It

Phillip Fuemana Award (Most Promising Pacific Artist):

  • Poetik

Manukau Institute of Technology Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Punialava'a

Punialava'a. Photo/ PMN.

Pacific Music Awards Trust Special Recognition Award

  • Otara Music and Arts Centre