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Locals pitch in to help Kilauea evacuees

21 May 2018

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By Io Aleke-Fa'avae and Lisa Williams-Lahari -,

Hawai'i's values of aloha and ohana - love and family, have kicked in as displaced families and neighbouring residents near the Kilauea lava eruptions are left wondering what their future will be.

The continuous lava flow from Kilauea has evacuated thousands of people in the area. Photo/ USGS.

Hawaiian resident Krisann Moleni says thousands of meals are being served up daily by neighbourhood volunteers and helpers who have offered up food, donations and household items for those already evacuated from their homes. 

Ms Moleni lives in Puna district, 22 kilometres from Kilauea volcano.

She says despite the ongoing uncertainty and search for shelter, she's been heartened by the sense of community through the emergency evacuations.

"They've all come together in support to help through donations of goods like clothing and bedding," she says. "They've also come together to provide food everyday, three meals a day, it's been a gathering and it's been very nice to see."

Kilauea on Hawai'i's Big Island erupted last month and the situation has been worsening since.

One man has been seriously injured by lava splatter and thousands of residents have evacuated their homes.

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