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More kumara and taro for good health, says expert

10 May 2017

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A food expert says too much bread, potatoes and meat is contributing to health problems in Maori and Pacific communities. 

Jade Temepara is the founder of Kākāno Café and Cookery School in Christchurch and will be a guest speaker at the Future of Food forum as part of Techweek 2017. 

She says eating too many dense foods like chicken, pork and potatoes all contribute to health issues and people should think carefully about what they eat every day. 

"We've been conditioned to think that that's our only way of putting iron and protein into our bodies," says Temepara. 

The food expert says that although the over-consumption of these foods is particularly problematic in the Pasifika community, alternatives are available. 

"Less potatoes. Replace them with kumara or taro," she says. "Less pork, less chicken, more fish." 

Temepara also says that dairy is not particularly an ideal food source for Maori and Pasifika people.

"We have issues with allergies and skin because traditionally we didn't have milk products."

She says the biggest change on the way is in how much meat we consume.

"The tech advances that are coming, there are some amazing evidence and scientific backings, that our bodies will function better eating like this."

Jade Temepara joins other Techweek speakers this Friday including Doctor Lance O’Sullivan and author Neal Stephenson. 

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