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Motion of no confidence out-voted in Niue

15 November 2017

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By Ruci Farrell -

Government of Niue. Photo/ Ioane Aleke Fa'avae.

Niue's General Assembly out-voted a motion of no confidence, that was filed by Opposition MPs frustrated about the state of government affairs.

Opposition MP Terry Coe is not surprised as he says government MPs had a hefty pay rise before the elections as well as other perks including overseas trips.

Broadcasting Corporation of Niue correspondent Inangaro Vakaafi says all members had the chance to voice their opinions.

"There were 4 for the motion and 12 against, so the motion was defeated."

"Some of the issues that they raised are not new issues. They have tried several times during their monthly meetings to generate discussion about the state of the affairs of the country at the moment such as the roads, a lot of it was about state-owned enterprises like TV and radio," says Vakaafi.

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