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Nauru backs down on China debacle

27 September 2018

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Nauru's president Baron Waqa has backed down from his threat to name and shame China over their theatrics at the Pacific Leaders Forum earlier this month. 

Nauru President Baron Waqa. Photo/ UN Media.

Taking the high-level diplomatic road, the President delivered a powerful reminder that the United Nations system has to step up and deliver to the Small Islands Developing States if it wants to truly include the islands in its vision.

Waqa says the success of the recent Pacific Leaders Forum meeting is proof that islands can lead.

He went off script from the prepared UN statement to tone down his reference to the walk-out by China's head of delegation at the Forum Partners Dialogue session.

"The event was successful because our partners recognised the opportunities in our small islands."

"The countries that demonstrated no respect for the sovereignty of the small and the vulnerable, nor the leaders of the Pacific and the regional process, were respectfully asked to yield the floor to those that did."

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