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New Caledonia counting down to referendum on self-government

25 October 2018

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By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

The countdown is on in New Zealand's French-speaking neighbour as New Caledonia prepares for its independence referendum next month.

Photo/ Nationalia. 

With international and Pacific observers in the country and opinion polls predicting the nays will have it, freelance journalist and researcher on the Pacific Nic Maclellan is on the ground and has been following the latest rallies by the pro-independence F.L.N.K.S movement.

He says the pro-independence leaders aren't too worried about the news headlines saying the country will choose to stay with France.

"Many people that I've spoken to in the independence movement feel that the result will be closer than expected."

"The other feature is that if there is a no vote on the 4th of November, the agreement governing this decolonisation process known as the Noumea Accord, allows for up to three referenda, so if people do vote no in November, there's provision for another vote in 2020."

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