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New eatery giving raw fish a gourmet twist

20 February 2018

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By Ruci Farrell -

A new eatery opening in the heart of Auckland's CBD introduces a sophisticated, wholesome and healthy twist to classic Pacific favourites.

Ika Bowl will open in Auckland's CBD next week. Photo/ Facebook.

Ika Bowl is the brainwave of a bunch of former school mates who opted out of their 8 to five jobs to try something different.

The entrepreneurs are all in their 20s and are former students of Alfriston College.

One of the co-owners, Niuean Rakai Beazley Heka, says Ika Bowl is a fresh new Polynesian-inspired poke bar for the busy corporate on the hop.

"Essentially it's just street food, we don't serve nothing crazy it's just a combination of healthy, honest, humble but very pretty looking food."

Ika Bowl opens in Fort Street next Monday.