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New high commissioner to Niue learns Vagahau Niue

16 May 2018

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By Ioane Fa'avae-Aleke -

Niue's newly-appointed high commissioner from New Zealand is expected to be formally welcomed by Premier Sir Toke Talagi in coming weeks.

New High Commissioner Kirk Yates is an agriculture specialist who's worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

Kirk Yates and Acting Premier Dalton Tagelagi. Photo/ NZHC Niue.

Before leaving for Niue, Mr Yates undertook lessons in Vagahau Niue at Auckland's Pasifika Education Centre.

Educator Lolokini Pavihi says the lessons gave him an insight and understanding of Vagahau Niue and cultural protocols.

"He was able to learn the greetings, farewell and basic phrases of Vagahau Niue," she says. "According to him, he's one of the first diplomats to actually take on a Pasifika Education class."

Mr Yates has presented his credentials to Acting Premier Dalton Tagelagi and awaits the return of Premier Talagi, who is currently in New Zealand.

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