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Niue's 4G network set for launch

09 May 2018

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By Ruci Farrell -

Telecom Niue is about to launch its 4G network, turbocharging phone and internet services throughout most of the island.

Photo/ TalaNiue.

New Zealand-funded technicians are building transmission towers in Kaho, Lakepa and Seikena in time for next month's launch.

Chief executive of Niue's Chamber of Commerce, Rae Finlay, expects competition between Telecom Niue and rival internet provider Kaniu to push both companies. 

"Telecom's about to launch 4G and they've built their own completely new towers," she says. 

"As far as the private sector's concerned, we think competition is good, but we need to ensure they're able to have their own infrastructure."

Ms Finlay says Kaniu has set up satellite dishes in every village in Niue and will continue to compete in the market. 

"They're well on their way to continuing the service." 

The ongoing feud between Kaniu and the Niuean Government hit fever-pitch last month with Kaniu ordered to shut down the wi-fi signal from two of its main towers.

Kaniu spokesman Stan Kalauni says they were also given the ultimatum to pay a $5000 monthly lease if they wanted to keep connections running at Fonuakula and Seikena.

"We can't afford that, let alone have enough money to pay for our two technicians on the island and ongoing operational costs," he says.

Mr Kalauni claims it is part of a ploy by the government to monopolise internet and mobile phone services in Niue.

"The main objective of us keeping all connectivity and internet is to remove the element of monopoly."

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