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Officials meet in PNG as prep continues for APEC leaders summit

02 March 2018

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By Lisa Lahari-Williams -

Papua New Guinea's tenure as the Chair for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation organisation (APEC), is stepping up this month in Port Moresby.

Officials are in Papua New Guinea preparing for the APEC leaders summit to be held later on this year. Photo/ APEC.

Senior officials from the 21 APEC member economies will tackle market access, fisheries and food security and digital connectivity. 

They are also sure to talk over impacts on trade and economic returns for PNG of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake, but its full steam ahead - or as much as a country going through a state of emergency can do - says leading commentator Martyn Namarong.

"There's a lot more work to be done, particularly with the venue. The roof is on top but there's a lot more work still to be done and some of the hotel infrastructure to accommodate the expected 10,000 delegates to come for the leaders summit later in November," he says. 

The senior officials meetings, most of them hosted in Port Moresby, will wrap up later this month.

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