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Over $1 million shortfall for Niue's annual budget

10 August 2017

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Niue Government. Photo/ Ioane 'Aleke Fa'avae. 

Niue posted a $1.1 million shortfall in its annual budget earlier this week. 

Most of it is attributed to the salaries of public servants who work four days but are paid for five days.

Annual salaries for public servants in Niue range from $12,000 to six figure sums for senior staff.

Former Niuean politician and ambassador, Hima Douglas, says public servants have gone too far down the track to revert back to working five days a week.

"We've gone too far down the track to reverse that trend and public servants are now used to receiving that pack," he says.

Public Accounts Committee Chairman, Dion Taufitu [Toi], says $2 million was owed from government departments who hadn't updated their records.

Taufitu has given them six months to tidy up their financials before the committee reviews their accounts again.

Acting Premier Billy Talagi presided over the passing of the budget in the absence of Premier Toke Talagi, who's in New Zealand for medical treatment.

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