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Pacific climate change advocates urge global community to tackle the issue

23 February 2018

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By Gladys Hartson -

Pacific climate change advocates are urging the global community to work together to tackle the issue of climate change and work with Pacific nations to deal with the adverse effects of climate change.

 Government officials and Pacific representatives at the Pacific Climate Change Conference in Wellington. Photo/ PRN.

Nearly 400 academics, scientists, policy makers and politicians are in the capital for the three-day conference.

Brianna Fruean, from Samoa and representing Pacific Climate Change Warriors, says it's encouraging to see more youth taking action against climate change. 

"I feel like there are really great people in our islands and in our diaspora who are trying to spread the message and because of the emerging issues in our islands, like Cyclone Winston and we just had Cyclone Gita, our youth are starting to wake up and realise that something is wrong and we have to act on it."

Brianna Fruean (left), Sylvester Lolohea (right) Photo/ PRN.

Meanwhile a ChildFund youth learning co-ordinator from Kiribati says despite the threat of climate change people in Kiribati remain resilient.

David Kakiakia says in his home, people still have hope. 

"We still believe that we don't have to move from our country but we have to stay and teach our young people how they can help mitigate the impact of climate change."

David Kakiakia (right).  Photo/ PRN.

The Pacific Climate Change Conference ends today.

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