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Pacific families on long waiting list for housing

27 March 2018

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By Lisa Lahari-Williams -

A month after the now famous 'cluster blank' stock-take of New Zealand housing, Pacific families are still dominating the long waiting lists for emergency homes.

Newly-elected Auckland councillor Josephine Bartley says she's well aware of the issue.

Her Maugakiekie-Tamaki ward is home to a bid to transform one of Auckland's poorest areas, calling it the Tamaki Regeneration project.

The Tamaki Regeneration project. Photo/ Tamaki Regeneration.

Just a month into her new role, Bartley says she's busy helping her community get into a warm home before winter sets in.

"We have a gentleman that sleeps outside the hall... We see a lot of people sleeping in cars in the parks," she says.

"When you have people sleeping rough and yet all these houses that are going to be built, we know that something isn't right... We know there is a need for emergency housing in this area."

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