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Pacific forum leaders to meet with APEC leaders

07 November 2018

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Pacific Forum Leaders will meet with the 29 APEC leaders next week ahead of the APEC high-level summit in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

The Pacific Islands Forum leaders will meet APEC leaders for the first time this month. Photo/ PMN.

It will be a milestone moment for the APEC group, who are meeting with the Forum Leaders for the first time in APEC's 29-year history. 

Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand are the three Forum members of APEC, a grouping which generates almost 60 per cent of global GDP and almost half of global trade through members such as China, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Russia and the United States.

The Forum and APEC leaders are tipped to discuss the APEC theme of embracing the digital future, along with any shared priorities for trade and economic cooperation.

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