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Pacific health research awarded more funding

19 June 2017

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More than $6 million will be pumped into Pacific health research after the latest funding announcement from the Health Research Council (HRC).

A record seven research projects focused on improving Pacific health will receive $6.3 million.

AUT University's Pacific Island Family study is being funded for three new projects, with Professor Janis Paterson and Dr El-Shadan Tautolo leading research into Pacific hearing loss, mental health and respiratory health.

The Pacific Island Family study has been following 1400 Pacific people and their families for the past 17 years. 

Cook-Island Samoan researcher Dr Tautolo says the level of funding shows the importance of research by and for Pacific people. 

"It's a win not just for us but for Pacific health research in general," he says.

HRC Acting Chief Executive Dr Tania Pocock says this is a fantastic result for Pacific health research.

“This year the quality of Pacific applications we received was extremely high, which reflects our long-standing commitment to growing the capacity and capability of New Zealand’s Pacific health research workforce," she says.

Dr Tautolo's team is set to receive more than $3 million in funding.

He says this will be a step forward to providing practical solutions for those struggling with mental health issues in addressing high rates of suicide in Pacific youth.

"We've got a strong focus on working with people in the clinical space and in the community," he says.

"Those who work in the mental health space, we'll be working with them and coming up with things that will be relevant and useful."

Dr El-Shadan Tautolo from AUT University. Photo/ Supplied. 

2017 HRC Pacific project grants

Dr Ofa Dewes, the University of Auckland
Differences in fructose uptake in Pacific adolescents
36 months, $599,987

Dr Rosalina Richards, University of Otago
Sleep and well-being among Pacific children and adolescents
32 months, $577,528

Dr Debbie Ryan, Pacific Perspectives Limited
Pacific patients’ perspectives of treatment of chronic conditions
24 months, $400,000

2017 HRC project grants with a focus on Pacific health

Professor Jacqueline Cumming, Victoria University of Wellington
Integrated services to improve the health of Pacific peoples
42 months, $1,194,152

Professor Janis Paterson, Auckland University of Technology
Pacific Islands Families Study: Impact of hearing loss on Pacific youth
36 months, $1,196,242

Dr El-Shadan Tautolo, Auckland University of Technology
Pacific Islands Families: Cultural resiliency and vulnerability in mental health
36 months, $1,189,886

Dr El-Shadan Tautolo, Auckland University of Technology
Respiratory health of Pacific youth: Risk and resilience throughout childhood
36 months, $1,183,935

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