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Pacific Heritage Arts Fono delves into unique island drum patterns

08 November 2017

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By Ruci Farrell -

Cook Islands' drums. Photo/ PRN.

One of the most unique forms of communication used in the Pacific, long before the joys of mobile phones and internet, will take centre stage at this year's Pacific Heritage Arts Fono.

Auckland Museum is hosting the 'Call of the Drums' showcasing the significant drum patterns and its history from the Cook Islands, Fiji and Tahiti.

Spokesperson Tu Aratini says the event enables knowledge holders to pass on heritage art forms to contemporary artists.

"We're talking about transmissions through drum patterns," she says. "We've chosen the Cook Islands, Fiji and Tahiti. Those three groups will present specific drum patterns of their homelands as a vehicle for preserving and developing our heritage art forms."

Pacific Heritage Arts Fono will be held this Saturday in Auckland. 

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