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Pacific journalist helping Pacific and Mā​ori with public speaking

16 January 2018

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A new cross-cultural communications course is not only teaching Pākeha how to engage with Pacific and Māori communities, but also teaching the basics of public speaking. 

The Brown Pages Academy is the brain-child of one of the country's top Pacific journalists, Iulia Leilua, who was a founding member of the current affairs show Tagata Pasifika.

She says she hopes to help Pacific and Māori people articulate and improve their public speaking skills.

"One of the things that concerned me throughout my work is the amount of our people who are inarticulate. I think we're bringing up a generation of grunters who really can't articulate who they are," she says.

"It's important in terms of getting a job, being able to speak in public, even to face a group of strangers."

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The Brown Pages Academy's main purpose is to improve the cultural intelligence of businesses and leaders.

Leilua says being culturally aware and embracing diversity is a must in New Zealand's fast-changing ethnic scene.

"Currently there's about 33 per cent or a third of the country who is brown. In 2038 that's going to change, half of the population is going to be brown which means cultural communications is not a 'want-to' anymore, it's a 'have-to'."