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Pacific news bosses to host new post-PINA dialogues

17 May 2018

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By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

Pacific news bosses are organising an inaugural CEOs summit to move outcomes of their biennial media meetings from talk to action.

New Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) President Kora Nou of Papua New Guinea says the CEOs summit will follow on from every Pacific Media Summit.

He says the plan is to improve news standards and the summit will help newsroom workers attending PINA meetings see their leaders do the follow-up work, or park ideas that need more time.

Nou served for more than two decades as media advisor to the office of the Prime Minister in PNG before heading across to the National Broadcaster as General Manager.

He says the outcomes of the PINA meetings provide a lot of information for managers, who often do not actually attend the summit. 

"Our Pacific journalists would love to work but these are the impediments that are facing them so we've got to find ways to help them as well," he says. 

"I think all in all if the journos want to work better and the CEOs know what's going on and how to improve things, [our newsrooms] will be a good workplace to work within."

Outgoing PINA President Moses Stevens and incoming president Kora Nou. Photo/ Joey Tau.

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