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Pacific people with disabilities encouraged to get active

09 November 2017

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By Levi Matautia-Morgan/ Mabel Muller -,

Pacific people with a disability or injury are being encouraged to get active and stay fit with the launch of a new exercise programme in Auckland.

The Pasifika Strengthening and Conditioning programme launched yesterday in Auckland. Photo/ PRN.

The Pasifika Strengthening and Conditioning programme kicked off yesterday in Ōtara.

Spokesperson James Forsyth says they're trying to raise the number of Pacific people in this area of sport.

"We're trying to raise minority numbers because it's predominantly Palagi at the moment," he says. "It's just trying to get exercise and fitness out there and expose more to them so that they know what's available to them." 

According to Stats NZ, Māori and Pacific people have higher-than-average disability rates than other ethnic groups.

Forsyth says they're also trying to get more Pacific people involved in para sports. 

"We start them off with health and fitness and they can see further down the track where it can lead them to." 

James Forsyth. Photo/ PRN.

The programme is aimed at Pacific people with physical and visual impairments and invites their families to join.

Forsyth says they want participants to feel supported.

"It's all part of helping out the person with the disability," he says. "If they have their family and aiga all around them it's going to drive them more to get involved and do it."

The Pasifika Strengthening and Conditioning programme runs every Wednesday at the Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit in Ōtara.

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