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Pacific playwrights get published

12 June 2017

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A group of Pacific playwrights in Auckland, have had their plays published as part of the Talanoa Series 2016.

The series is run by the Little Island Press in partnership with Auckland Council and Auckland Libraries, for emerging Pacific writers.

The anthology includes the work of Leki Jackson-Bourke collaborated with 'Amanaki Prescott-Faletau for Inky Pinky Ponky, Louise Tu'u for Gaga: the unmentionable, Vela Manusaute for My Name is PILITOME and Lolo Fonua for Sai e Reunion. 

Talanoa: Pacific plays by Pacific playwrights. Photo/ PRN.

These plays offer a young and refreshing Pacific perspective to the theatre community. 

Louise Tu'u says her play delves into the identity crisis for Samoans.

"I found myself asking 'What does it mean to be Samoan?'," she says.

"As a Pacific Island artist the narratives involve this issue of belonging, identity crisis or straddling two or more cultures."

Lolo Fonua's Sai e Reunion is about a Tongan character who comes to Auckland and experiences a whole new world.

She says her play is fun and filled with lots of Pacific humour.

"Sometimes you just need a laugh in life without forgetting about the values and morals that ground you."

Pacific playwright Lolo Fonua at the launch of Talanoa. Photo/ PRN.

Fonua says this opportunity opens doors for more aspiring Pacific authors. 

"I'm hoping other Tongan playwrights and authors speak up and pursue their passion. 

The Talanoa Series will run two more workshops for Pacific writers this month in Otara and Mangere.

Pacific playwright 'Amanaki Prescott-Faletau at the launch of Talanoa. Photo/ PRN.

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