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Pacific tuna commission tackles plastic water bottles pollution

01 October 2018

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By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

A Pacific conference on tuna fisheries has taken the lead on getting rid of the plastic water bottle pollution problem faced by many island nations. They voted to go green on water bottles and did a Facebook fundraiser to do just that.

The Technical and Compliance Committee of the Pacific Tuna Commission held their annual meeting in the Marshall Islands this month and have walked the talk on marine pollution with delegates being given reusable bottles imprinted with Marshallese artwork.

Committee chair Alexa Cole says the whole thing was inspired by a proposal led by the Marshall Islands at last year's meeting, to take new rules on marine pollution to the Tuna Commission.

Plastics are a critical problem for oceans and Cole says taking plastic water bottles out of even one meeting is a small but important drop in the bucket.

"The idea of coming to an atoll like the Marshall Islands and dumping thousands of water bottles, in a country that has no ability to recycle them and get rid of them and contaminating the same resource that we're working to preserve and protect, just makes no sense."

Alexa Cole (left). Photo/ Supplied.

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