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Papua New Guinea emphasises sovereignty over Bougainville

01 October 2018

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Papua New Guinea's Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbik Pato has told the United Nations annual General Assembly international meddling in the upcoming Bougainville independence referendum won't be welcome.

PNG Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbik Pato. Photo/ UN Media.

He's told the global leaders Papua New Guinea is keen for the referendum commission, led by former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, to begin their work.

But he says all stakeholders, while welcome in the work of the referendum, must not undermine Papua New Guinea's sovereignty over Bougainville in the meantime.

"We want to emphasise that the work of partnership, should in no way - and I repeat in now way - undermine the sovereignty of Papua New Guinea over its territory in accordance with international law."

The Bougainville referendum will be held next year in June.

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