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Papua New Guinea Facebook ban 'hypocritical' says journalist

31 May 2018

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By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

Papua New Guinea's controversial plan to shut down Facebook for a month will do the same to public sharing on important issues such as impacts from disaster zones and the new visibility of violence against women.

Photo/ PMN.

Journalist and blogger Malum Nalu says topics such as sorcery killings and attacks on women have been reported more widely because of social media and restricting Facebook will affect how people speak to each other across the country.

"People post about some women getting killed or some murder, rape and then mainstream media goes in and picks up on this and checks with the police and other stories and pick up on the story," he says. "It's really going to affect the information flow especially from the rural areas."

Nalu says the Communications Minister at the centre of the proposed ban is a former social media activist.

He says Sam Basil shared many posts and updates to social media in his years as an Opposition MP right up until he crossed the floor late last year.

"Last year he was going around bad-mouthing everyone on Facebook including me, other journalists and even the Prime Minister," says Nalu. "Now he goes around trying to control Facebook and it's completely hypocritical."

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