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Parker staying loyal to Kevin Barry and Duco

08 August 2018

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By Ruci Farrell -

New Zealand heavyweight boxer Lupesoliai La'auli Joseph Parker is sticking with his current training team.

Parker's recent loss to Dillian Whyte in London triggered an avalanche of critics calling for him to ditch his team and management.

But the proud Samoan Kiwi fighter says he's happy to stick with Duco and trainer Kevin Barry.

"Everyone's entitled to their own opinions but everyone's got to understand that this is my career. Hopefully they can still support me and the decisions that I make," says Lupesoliai.

"I have a great team. We wouldn't have been able to achieve what we've achieved if it wasn't for the team that I have."

"If I wasn't a happy fighter then I'll obviously change teams but I think my team is doing a great job to achieve great things in the boxing world. Hopefully I'll get some good results and make New Zealand and Samoa proud."

Looking into the future, Lupesoliai is keeping his options open for a possible rematch against Whyte.

The 26-year-old says he's determined to get back in the ring and is currently negotiating his contract with Team Duco.

"As a fighter, I'll fight anyone in the world. I'll fight Dillian Whyte, I'll fight Anthony Joshua. But realistically there's a bit of 'climbing back up' to do. We have to progress again."

"My contract with Duco is nearly done so we're going to renegotiate and hopefully sign for a longer deal."

Meanwhile, Duco boss David Higgins says the Joseph Parker brand remains intact on the international professional boxing circuit despite his two recent consecutive losses.

Higgins says Lupesoliai gained the respect of British boxing fans and prominent UK promoter Eddie Hearns following the fight in London.

"He could be back in the O2 Arena in London next year... Our brand has not been dented. If anything, the brand value is higher than it was," says Higgins.

"All we need is a good comeback and we'll be straight up there at the top."

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