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Pasifika fine-dining arrives in Auckland

18 May 2017

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Diners are getting a taste of the Pacific at a new gourmet restaurant in Auckland. 

The newly opened Pacific-cuisine Kai Pasifika Restaurant is the first of its kind. 

One of the owners, world-renowned Kiwi chef Robert Oliver, says the restaurant is all about embodying Pacific culture.

"We get massive groups with grandmothers and grandkids," he says. "The other night the Pasifika Women's group was in and they got up and prayed before their meal and the whole restaurant joined in." 

Oliver says you won't get that kind of restaurant culture anywhere else in the world.

The Kai Pasifika team are excited that foods and ingredients from their homeland are being dished-up for the world to indulge in. 

Fijian head chef Bertrand Jang says he loves that he can cook dishes he grew up with. 

"You don't get this anywhere else, unless you go your aunt's or cousins'," he says. "It's one of a kind. It's a diamond in New Zealand." 

Kai Pasifika Team: Bertrand Jang, Robert Oliver and Rita Nicholls. 

Kai Pasifika: Ika mata (Cook Island style raw fish), kp popcorn (with coconut sugar, masala and virgin coconut oil) and poke (raw salmon).

Kai Pasifika: Lu soup (taro leaves soup).

Kai Pasifika: Roasted whole fish in Samoan virgin organic coconut oil. 

Hope Papali'i serving up pavlova with koko Samoa. 

Robert Oliver says Kai Pasifika is activating indigenous knowledge and you won't get it anywhere else.

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