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Pay disparities between Manu Samoa and England highlighted

09 October 2017

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By Levi Matautia-Morgan & Bob Wandstraat -,

The alarming disparity in match payments is again being highlighted by the Manu Samoa-England Test at Twickenham Stadium in London set for November 25th.

The expected sell-out crowd of 82,000 will put $18 million into England's coffers, with the English players taking home $40,000 each but, the Samoans will each be paid just $1200 each. 

Manu Samoa rugby team. Photo/ PRN.

Manu Samoa Manager Ramsey Tomokino says although the gap in numbers is significant, it hasn't surprised him.

"There's obviously a difference with different audiences and they [England] obviously can pack out a stadium and make some money," he says. "That's just the reality of where we're at and where England Rugby is at. If England Rugby can put $40,000 pounds into their players' hands then they're doing something really well but we don't have that luxury."

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