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Poly comedians up for 2017 Billy T Award

18 May 2017

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Two comedians with Samoan heritage are competing for the 2017 Billy T comedy award this week. 

Angella Dravid has Samoan and Indian heritage and Li'i Alaimoana is also of Samoan descent.

Both are in the running for the top award in New Zealand comedy, being presented this Sunday at the end of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. 

Li'i Alaimoana says he's proud to see more Polynesians making people laugh. 

"It's never been easy growing up as a minority so it doesn't matter where you are and what you do," he says. "If you find out someone is Samoan there's a sense of pride."

                    Samoan comedian Li'i Alaimoana is nominated for the 2017 Billy T Award. 

The Wellington-based comedian says he's adapted his comedy to make a wide range of people laugh. 

"We gotta adjust to whatever crowd's out there and the truth of the matter is the majority of my crowd aren't Polynesian."

This year's winner will be chosen this Sunday from five nominees. 

The other three nominees are Patch Lambert, Ray O'Leary, Paul Williams. 

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