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Primary students fighting negative stereotypes through art

12 June 2017

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A Hastings primary school is responding to negative perceptions of their community through art.

The #KeepOnKimiOra project is a collection of photographs taken by Samoan artist, Edith Amituanai together with the students at Kimi Ora Community School in Flaxmere.

More than 90 per cent of the students are Maori and Pacific.

Amituanai says her camera was taken to a different student's home each night.

"They took photographs at school, at home, after school in the park, in their gardens and at church," she says. 

Kimi Ora Community School is fighting negative perceptions through art. Photo/ Edith Amituanai. 

The 36-year-old says she wanted the children to tell their own stories through these photographs.

"It's really about the everyday life of a community you probably only hear negative things about."

She says the students were very open to the project and the pictures captured the beauty of their everyday lives.

"They're playing on bikes or cutting up the meat in the van preparing their to'ona'i," she says. "These are all valuable things but they're sometimes taken for granted."

The #KeepOnKimiOra art exhibition will open this Thursday, June 15 in the Hastings City Art Gallery.

Sione from Kimi Ora Community School. Photo/ Kavana Ioane. 

'Princess Sina to save the world' from #KeepOnKimiOra. Photo/ Edith Amituanai.

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