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Push to raise education standards in Tokelau

09 June 2017

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There is a push to raise education standards in Tokelau, to help prepare students for tertiary studies in New Zealand.

The project began in November 2014, after an Education Review Office report in 2013 found Tokelau's education system, was based on New Zealand's 1960s standards.

Project leader from Massey University, Diane Leggett says the project is beneficial for New Zealand's tertiary sector.  

"Many of the Tokelau children will come to New Zealand to study," she says. "Our involvement actually makes our universities and other institutions more accessible for those students."

An Education Review Office report in 2013 found Tokelau's education system was based on New Zealand's 1960s standards. Photo/ Supplied.

Three Massey University facilitators are based on each of the Islands' three atolls, working together with the teachers to implement more modern teaching methods.

Leggett says the project is proving successful as the students are becoming much more interactive than they initially were.

"When we arrived the kids were sitting in rows and the teacher was teaching from the front of the classroom," she says. "That is not how classrooms operate in New Zealand or elsewhere in the world."

She says achievement levels are also on the rise, and they're blessed to be working with Tokelau, especially seeing all the changes that have been made.

"It's impacted positively on the students and that's also spread to the wider-community." 

The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will run till November 2018.

Year 7 and 8 pupils in Tokelau working on new laptops. Photo/ Supplied.

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