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Rainbow community farewells Samoan fa'afine advocate

26 January 2018

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By Gladys Hartson -

Tributes continue to flow for the President of the Samoa Fa'afafine Association, So'oalo Roger Stanley, who died last Friday.

So'oalo Roger Stanley. Photo/ Facebook - Samoa Fa'afafine Association.

Australian-based solicitor Phineas Hartson says So'oalo was prominent in breaking down social stigma, discrimination and stereotypes. 

"With the new Crimes Act in 2013, they're able to change legislation to legalise fa'afafine cross-dressing into male to female clothes. Before the legislation had changed it was illegal but now due to the work of So'oalo Roger Stanley and other supporters, they were able to change the legislation."

Hartson says Stanley is being remembered as a staunch advocate for the Pacific LGBTQI community.

"We're all just part of a bigger Pacific family and we just want to live in peace and live our lives."

So'oalo Roger Stanley will be laid to rest tomorrow.

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