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Relatives turning offenders in to Police

01 June 2017

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A police detective says Pacific and Maori communities are turning in offending family members to police, because they want to do the right thing. 

Counties Manukau Detective, Inspector Fa’amanuia Va’aelua, says some are motivated by monetary rewards but that's not always the case.

"Sometimes they're motivated by morals and doing the right thing, especially if there are victims who've been injured or hurt," he says. "We've had offenders who've been handed in by their parents." 

New Zealand Police are relying heavily on the public this month, in a new campaign to combat aggravated robberies. 

Following a rise in the crime, Police is teaming up with Crimestoppers and offering rewards to people with information on stolen goods.

Inspector Va'aelua says each case will be assessed to decide on its reward but it can be up to thousands of dollars. 

"We've had robberies over hundreds of thousands of dollars so you could expect to be graded to receive a couple of thousand dollars."

Inspector Va'aelua says most of the time the reasons behind the aggravated robberies are related to social pressure. 

Despite poverty being a part of the issue, he says the offender's decision is mostly influenced by his or her's friends.

"Some of it is quite bizarre, just to get a stupid buzz," he says. "Some of it is the influence of social media. You see it on Facebook, people posing with the proceeds of their criminal activity." 

The There's Nothing Good About Stolen Goods campaign will run till the end of June. 

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