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Relief efforts ongoing in Papua New Guinea

12 March 2018

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By Lisa Lahari-Williams -

It's been two weeks since Papua New Guinea's 7.5 magnitude quake and relief efforts are still focused on reaching communities waiting for help and dealing with the trauma of more than a hundred aftershocks.

 A landslide near the village of Ekari in PNG's highlands region after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Photo/ Melvin Levongo.

Thousands of families in the isolated Mount Bosavi region can only be reached by air. 

Oilsearch Papua New Guinea is close to expending a $5 million US dollar support fund, but managing director Peter Botten says more will follow as the company lends its Moro airstrip, choppers and expertise to the relief effort. 

"Things are a lot better now than they were seven days ago but the priority is still to get the first respond relief out," he says.

"Behind that comes a much larger volume of material and progressively reconstruction material so people can start that process and that's going to be years in the making. That's a marathon, not a sprint."

Peter Botten. Photo/ ABC.

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